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Innovative LightBox Alternative

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Show Up Innovative LightBox Alternative

Simple and versatile

// To make the upper example, this much javascript coding is required:


// However, there are a lots and lots of options out there...
// Be sure to check out our awesome configurator!
Novice Developers

For Novice Developers

Not familiar with the JavaScript?
No problemo. Our automated configurator can help you customize the ShowUp without even touching the keyboard.

Click here to try out Configurator
Advanced Developers

For Advanced Developers

Already used various JavaScript scripts?
Great. Than all you need is to take a look at our fully documented API and you should be OK.

Click to see the API and some examples
Expert Developers

For Expert Developers

Are you building your own JS scripts?
You are going to love the way ShowUp let you write your own transitions and themes.

Click here to give it a try
easy configurator

Try out our easy configurator
Find detailed instructions
Anytime email support
And it is very cheep

Fully documented API

Fully documented API
Configuration via JSON
All jQuery standards applied
Lots of examples

Framework for developing extensions

Framework for developing extensions
Fully documented and explained
Easy for experienced developers
Freely share custom transitions and themes