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You can find a contact from at the bottom of this page. However, we advise you to go over our FAQ first, as the chanses are you will get your answer much quickly.

How good must I be in JavaScript to be able to integrate ShowUp to my site?

It really doesn't matter. We have prepared instructions for novices, advanced users and professionals alike.
Each level gives you more flexibility, but the core functionalities can be implemented without any knowledge of the JavaScript.

Can I get this great script from anywhere else then CodeCanyon?

No. The script is exclusively sold over the Envato market.

Can I share my transitions and themes with my friends and the world?

Ofcourse, we want you to do that :)
We encourage you to build your own extensions and share. The more, the merrier :)

I have built some awesome themes and transitions, is there a way to send them to you?

Sure thing! We are very excited when the community gets involved.
Just give us a message via the form below and we will contact you shorty.

Contact form

Write us a message and press Submit :)

You are free to enter any question, suggestion or whatever you have in mind. We are reading our inbox at least once a day, and we are looking forward to read your thoughts about ShowUp.

Ofcourse, just to say hi it totally fine as well :)